Touch, See, & Do! How to Prepare an Amazing Elementary School Presentation!

You said...“Yes”! That’s wonderful news! Having a caring adult like you come into your neighborhood school and share your interests, passions, and profession can be such a meaningful experience for the students you visit, and it’s super fun too!

 Now, how do you prepare for your classroom visit? Yes, you might know how to keep your children engaged at home, or High-5 the neighborhood kid, but how do you capture and hold the attention of 20 squirmy kiddos?

 Well, we’ve got a few tips to point you in the right direction!

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One Big Family

Polina had been the school’s principal and math teacher for forty years. She was known for her discipline; the kids feared her, as did the adults. She was an intimidating woman. She was also my “girlfriend”: Moya Padrooha.

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Kickstarter Launch - November 14th!

For the past ten years it’s been my mission to help kids succeed - it’s taken me from the baseball field to the Kindergarten classroom - from Portland, Maine to Ukraine - from Bowdoin College to Portland Public Schools. 

And this is what I’ve come to believe-

Schools should be at the centers of our communities- where kids develop strong relationships with caring adults; where their talents are discovered; and where they learn about the world around them!

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Playing Ball in the Peace Corps

I climbed the big concrete steps one after another, dripping sweat, unsure of what I’d find at the top. I’d been walking for a while and my mind was racing. It felt like the first day of school, like the first day of anything. It was a blazing hot day, but the heat was familiar. I had played ball many times in weather like this, especially in Iowa. But I was far from the cornfields of the Midwest now. I was in a place I’d never been before, a place I’d never dreamed I’d be. I was in Ukraine.

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