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our app easily registers, vets, connects, and schedules parent & community volunteers with classroom teachers and their students.

I imagine a world where the vast majority of children wake up inspired to go to school, feel safe and engaged when they’re there, and leave each day feeling like they contributed to something bigger than themselves.
— Simon Williams, Founder of SchoolSquare

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SchoolSquare provides K-12 Schools cost-effective support and engagement resources by connecting their teachers and students with with parent and community volunteers. 

Our Mission

To connect schools with the caring people of our communities. 

Our Vision

For every child in the world to wake up inspired to go to school, feel safe and engaged while they are there, and leave each day feeling like contributed to something greater than themselves.


SchoolSquare was founded in 2015 as a not-for-profit organization with a 501(3) status. Its primary mission of connecting mentors and role models with students and educators in order to help link young people's academics and interests with community experts, resources, strengths, and supports. In its initial 18 months of operation as a non-profit SchoolSquare developed a Board of Directors, launched it’s MVP (minimal viable product) in Portland Public Schools with ten teachers and thirty volunteers, hired a UX designer to create its new platform, and sought funding from various foundations and businesses for the development of an application to facilitate, encourage, monitor and measure volunteerism in schools. Although it found some initial supporters for the concept, sufficient funding was not forthcoming to enable it to realize its vision to develop a solution to help address community volunteerism in schools. After several months of evaluation and discussion with various people, organizations and businesses, SchoolSquare determined to convert to a for-profit business model and to seek private funding for its mission. The company is actively developing its business plan, building partnerships, planning its technology, and seeking funding. Currently, we are beta-testing our services in Portland Public Schools this 2018-2019 academic school year.